Garison 14, Annerley


2012 - 2013



Wiltshire Stevens Architects was engaged by Pittman properties to undertake the redevelopment of the original Annerley military training depot into a modern 10-unit residential development aptly named Garisson 14 redesign Discover Garrison 14, a uniquely historic masterpiece. Originally a military training depot, this ten-unit development seamlessly weaves heritage elements - from brick foundations to steel frames - into its design. Now complete, the transformed Garrison 14 balances modern convenience with echoes of the past. These luxury residences, spanning two to three levels and up to 225sqm, blend heritage charm with contemporary features, enhanced by high atrium ceilings and thoughtfully placed windows. From indoor/outdoor luxury to everyday comfort, every detail is addressed. Garrison 14: a heritage jewel in Annerley's exclusive community, where architecture and history unite.