Anzac Square, Brisbane City


2000 - 2001



The redevelopment of 208 Adelaide Street in Brisbane City, Queensland 4000, marks a transformative journey from its origins as government offices to a contemporary hub of apartment residences. Originally serving as a government administrative centre, the site has undergone a remarkable evolution, embracing the dynamic urban landscape. The conversion into modern apartment residences represents a harmonious fusion of historical significance and modern living. This redevelopment not only breathes new life into the iconic address but also offers residents a unique opportunity to live amidst the city's rich history while enjoying the comforts of modern amenities and the vibrant pulse of urban life. It stands as a prime example of how thoughtful redevelopment can preserve a location's heritage while adapting to the changing needs and aspirations of a modern society. Anzac Square holds a significant place in Brisbane's history as a memorial and gathering space dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) soldiers who served in various conflicts. Flanking three sides of the square are original Queensland Government Offices which were built in stages commencing in 1931 and completed by 1959. It forms an integral part of the design by John Smith Murdoch, Chief Architect of the Commonwealth, for the block bounded by Edward, Ann, Creek, and Adelaide Streets and consisting of separate state and federal government offices. Wiltshire Stevens Architects were engaged in 2000 by a private consortium to convert the Anzac Square Building to a more mixed-use precinct with. 41 residential apartments five floors of office space an apartment hotel with 135 rooms a shopping arcade with 35 shops (known as Anzac Square Arcade) The redevelopment won numerous awards for urban renewal and refurbishment. - Urban Design Institute of Australia - Urban Renewal Award for National 2001 Excellence - Urban Design Institute of Australia - Urban Renewal Award for Queensland 2000 Excellence - Urban Design Institute of Australia - All Projects Premier Award - Queensland Master Builders Association - Refurbishment State Winner State Awards / renovation over $3m - Queensland Master Builders Association - Refurbishment Winner Southeast Queensland / renovation over $3m - Property Council of Australia - 2000 Awards Building 2000 Rider Excellence Hunt Award - Housing Industry Association - 2000 Awards Commercial State Winner - Project of the Year